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Moving Damage and Insurance


We're continuing our series on handling damage during a move. In this post, we'll talk about insurance coverage offered by

Moving Damage and Insurance2014-08-19T15:05:33+00:00

Damaged Furniture


Unfortunately, no matter how good your moving company is, there is always a risk of your belongings being damaged during

Damaged Furniture2014-08-19T15:05:38+00:00

Damage in a Packed Box


Unfortunately one of the things we encounter from time to time is damage during the moving process. Regardless of how

Damage in a Packed Box2014-08-19T15:05:45+00:00

Moving Yourself—Kids and Pets


As the final part in this blog series, "Ideas for Moving Yourself," we'll quickly mention kids and pets. Many kids

Moving Yourself—Kids and Pets2014-08-19T15:05:52+00:00

Moving Yourself—Insurance


Many people need to move themselves instead of hiring a professional moving company due to the cost of professional movers.

Moving Yourself—Insurance2014-01-16T16:13:01+00:00

Moving Yourself – the Movers


At Heritage Moving & Storage, Inc., we understand that not everyone can afford to hire a professional moving company. If

Moving Yourself – the Movers2013-11-25T14:30:46+00:00

Moving Yourself – the Truck


If you are looking for a moving company to move you into or out of the greater Roanoke, Virginia area,

Moving Yourself – the Truck2013-11-25T14:28:43+00:00

Moving Yourself – Packing


Locally in Roanoke, Botetourt County, Vinton, Salem, Blacksburg, and Smith Mountain Lake, we find that about half of those moving

Moving Yourself – Packing2013-11-25T13:23:09+00:00

Getting Rid of Junk


Moving is a time to get rid of items. At Heritage Moving & Storage, Inc., we have never had a

Getting Rid of Junk2013-11-25T13:19:51+00:00

How to Get Rid of Stuff


As we discussed in the previous post, moving time is purging time. Along with every move comes the need to

How to Get Rid of Stuff2013-11-25T13:15:32+00:00
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