At Heritage Moving & Storage, Inc., we not only want to manage your move, we also want to help manage your stress level. Everyone reacts differently to stress. It can impede your judgment and cause poor decision making at critical times. We want to help our greater Roanoke, Virginia-area customers have as little stress as possible during their moves. Here are some things you can to reduce the stress of your move.

1. Have realistic expectations about your age, your health/energy level, your time, and your finances.

When planning your move, realistic expectations go a long way. The more money you have, the more help you will be able to enlist from your moving company and the less time you need to spend preparing for your move. If your finances prevent you from using a full-service moving company for packing, and you’re short on time or energy, then you may need to start packing 4-6 weeks before your move. Your age and/or health may add to the time you need to prepare for your move. Whatever your situation is, be realistic about these factors, and use this knowledge in your preparation plans.

2. Prioritize organization and preparedness.

Some personalities tend to be less prepared and organized. If this is you, strategize some ways that you can be organized and prepared for moving day. Solicit help with packing from family and friends. Schedule time for packing into your calendar. Make lists. Make weekly goals. For items you don’t want to move, plan a yard sale or a trip to a donation center. Ask a friend to keep you accountable as you prepare. Find the ways that work for you!

3. Get a good night of sleep the night before your move.

Many people stay awake most of the night before their move to complete packing and other preparations. Then when the moving company arrives in the morning, the customer is just getting out of bed and is exhausted throughout moving day. Moving day can last up to eight hours, and a good night of sleep goes a long way toward keeping those hours stress-free.

Stay tuned to our blog for further steps to a low-stress move.