Moving ranks in the top five most stressful things to do. It ranks just behind death and divorce. You’re taking everything that a person or family has accumulated in a lifetime, putting it in boxes, putting it on a truck, and getting it from point A to point B in the same condition and in an orderly manner. This can be stressful!

But at Heritage Moving & Storage, Inc., we are a moving company that doesn’t just manage your move. We also manage your stress level.

There’s a physical and a psychological part to the move. Many people forget about the psychological part. Not everything that goes with a move is seen. There are some hidden elements to moving. You don’t see the psychological elements, but you can definitely feel them.

We talked about preparation, organization, and packing in the previous blog post. These are critical to a successful move physically and psychologically.

Another way to ensure a successful move is to help the movers.

1. Communicate with the crew members. Point out how you have organized your belongings, and let them know any important information about your belongings. Be readily available to answer any questions. Be friendly and encouraging.

2. Show that you value the movers. Say “thank you.” Consider providing coffee and donuts in the morning. At the very least, have water available. Helping the movers in any way helps the morale and helps the customer in the end.

Helping your movers has a huge impact on the psychological aspect of the move.

At Heritage Moving & Storage, Inc., we are proud to serve the greater Roanoke, Virginia area, and we want you to have the best moving experience possible.