Virginia law requires that moving companies cover your household items under Carrier Liability insurance. This is a maximum of $.60/lb per article. For example, if a 100 pound dining room table valued at $600 is damaged the movers liability would be up to $60.00. We consider this to be a “nick and scratch” policy. Generally the $.60/lb will be enough to cover minor damage to an item. Don’t misunderstand this to be full replacement insurance.

Many companies will offer “Full Replacement Protection”. With this option, articles lost or damaged will either be repaired or replaced at the mover’s discretion. There is also an additional charge for this type of insurance. You must first value all of your belongings just as you would with any insurance policy, select the deductible you are most comfortable paying and then pay the appropriate premium for that peace of mind`.

We at Heritage Moving & Storage have found a happy median between the two. We offer “Actual Cash Value” insurance. With Heritage Moving & Storage “Actual Cash Value” provides you coverage up to $50,000 at no additional cost to you.

Savings For You!

This can provide a savings to you of $170 - $380.

NOTE: This does not cover items packed by the owner, any items left in drawers, unpacked fragile items, adjustments to electronics or instruments due to mechanical condition unknown or pressboard furniture.