Will you put my furniture where I want it placed?2020-05-19T18:37:24+00:00

Yes. Upon your direction, we will place all furniture & boxes in the rooms and/or areas that you want them. We will also arrange them within that area.

Is there anything you won’t move?2020-05-19T18:37:03+00:00

Flammables, houseplants, pets, aquariums (unless empty).

What time will my move start?2020-05-19T18:36:39+00:00

If you are the first or only move of the day, the move will generally start by 8am depending on travel. If you are scheduled as a “second move” approximately a 1/2 hour prior to the completion of the first move we will give you a call to let you know what time we will be arriving. We can estimate what time we will be there but an exact time is not always possible. NOTE: Being scheduled as a 2nd move requires some flexibility with regard to start and finish times.

Will you disassemble/reassemble beds or disconnect appliances?2020-05-19T18:36:07+00:00

We will do this for you but as a time saver you may consider having this done prior to our arrival. NOTE: With ice makers – YOU will need to have cut off the water supply.

Are there any extra charges?2020-05-19T18:35:42+00:00

NO! Most companies will charge extra for large or “bulky” items. With us you are only charged for the time we are needed regardless of what is being moved.

What size truck do you use?2020-05-19T18:34:57+00:00

We use 26′ straight trucks because they are easier to get around in and easier to get into your driveway.

When do you start the move time?2020-05-19T18:34:15+00:00

After the crew arrives we will do a quick walk through with you, after which we will start our time.

What is travel time?2020-05-19T18:33:55+00:00

We calculate travel time as the time it takes our crew to get to your home from our office and the time back after we have completed your move.

Are weekend moves available?2020-05-19T18:33:24+00:00

Yes. Saturday moves are available upon request/subject to availability.

Do you have a minimum?2020-05-19T18:32:33+00:00

No. We do not, you pay for the first hour of the move in full and every hour after that is prorated to the next 15 minutes. So you only pay for the time you need us.

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