At Heritage Moving & Storage, Inc., we want to help our customers in the greater Roanoke, Virginia area have a wonderful moving experience. A great move requires effort on the part of the movers and the customer.

Organization and preparation are the most important elements of a successful move.

If you’re packing yourself, packing is the most important part of your preparation. You greatly increase your chances of a successful move if you’re packed prior to your move, not during your move.

If movers walk into your house and you’re packed and ready to go, the movers feel great. They know that their part of the move will go smoothly.

If the movers walk into your house and you’re not packed and ready to go, they know that it will be a much longer, more difficult day. If the moving company is working on a schedule, and you’re not ready to go, you can hurt the company by being unprepared.

Organization is another important part of a successful move. Try to have items that you are donating picked up and taken away before the movers arrive. If there are items that you do not want the movers to load on the truck—items that you are keeping with you in your personal vehicle or items in a divorce situation—make sure that those items are organized and clearly marked.

We want to keep everyone in a good frame of mind—upbeat and positive. That’s why, if you want a successful move, it’s imperative that you’re organized, packed, and prepared.