Having assisted small to large companies here in the Roanoke area we are confident that we can assist you in a smooth transition to your new location. We realize the most important aspect of your move is limiting the “down-time” with a move. We can help put together a plan that will get you up and running in your new office as quickly as possible.

Office moves within buildings throughout the Roanoke Valley

Commercial packing and unpacking including libraries and file areas using mobile carts

Storage of office furniture and business records

Tagging and labeling of furniture

Hotel & Motel installation

Move Planning

A Helpful Checklist

  • Is Your Desk Empty?

  • Are your supply cabinets cleared?

  • Are all wall items labeled?

  • Are breakable items properly packed?

  • Is the equipment in your office disconnected?

  • Have you backed up computer data?

  • Are your computer components properly disconnected and labeled?

  • Are the “Do Not Move” tags placed?

  • Are all liquids drained from your equipment?

  • Are your desk pads and chair pads tagged?

  • Is everything tagged properly or marked?

  • Is the condition of your furniture and equipment carefully checked and recorded?

  • Are labels placed in a visible area?

  • Are all shelves on the bookcase labeled, are pegs removed and packed in a box?

  • Is your office floor plan complete?

  • Are your office doors marked?

  • Are the diagrams of the offices posted at your new location?