Getting Ready to Move Your Business


  • Be sure that you use sturdy boxes and that they are properly assembled.
  • Do not overfill your boxes, allow room for proper closure.
  • TIP: Label each box so you’ll know immediately what’s inside.
  • Please tag your boxes and computer equipment as shown in the attached illustration.
  • Proper tagging ensures that your belongings will not be lost.
  • You may wish to pack an “OPEN ME FIRST” box that holds your desktop items and supplies

Coat Racks or Lockers

  • Pack all items and properly mark boxes.

Office Machines (Typewriters, adding machines, etc.)

  • Do NOT pack these machines…the mover will do this!
  • Leave the machines on top of their desks or stands.
  • Typewriter carriages should be centered and all cords must be unfastened and disconnected.
  • Disconnect all equipment.
  • Label each individual piece of equipment.

Supply or Storage Cabinets

  • Pack all contents in cartons.
  • Cabinet doors should be locked, taped, or tied.


  • Remove all contents and pack in cartons.
  • Remove all shelves and stack them near the bookcase; label each shelf and bookcase.
  • Remove the shelf brackets, place them in an envelope, and tape it to the back of the bookcase.

Pictures, Maps, and Bulletin Boards

  • Tag each individual piece.
  • If the item does not fit in a carton, keep picture on wall, and the mover will handle it.
  • Consolidate small items and cushion them with packing material such as newspaper.


  • DO NOT PACK YOUR TELEPHONES. Before you leave on moving day, please unplug your phone & make sure the phone is labeled.

Chair Pads

  • If you wish to take your chair pad, please make sure that it is tagged


  • Seal small items such as paperclips, pencils, and other loose materials, etc. into envelops before packing them in cartons.
  • Pack the contents of your deck, including all working papers, letter trays, books and other desktop items.

Filling Cabinets

  • Vertical file cabinets can stay full.
  • Lateral file cabinets need to be unpacked.
  • TIP: Pack and label the contents of each drawer.
  • Tag your boxes on the END of each box; the movers stack them on dollies and cannot see the tags if they’re on the top.

Electronic File Clean-Up

Information Systems may ask that you do the following:

  • Check the network for unnecessary data…it costs big dollars to keep it!
  • Use PKZIP to compress seldom-used data (M:/SOFTWARE/PKWARE)
  • Combine the work group’s data to a directory and request an Archive Tape from Information Services by sending e-mail to “Service Request”.
  • Remove old clients files, obsolete and unused software.
  • Remove backup and “Temp” copies (*bak, *tmp, *jnk, etc)
  • Remove multiple copies of data with a group
  • Remove games, bitmaps, demo and beta versions of software

Computer Equipment

  • Do NOT pack any PC equipment in boxes!
  • Please label EACH PIECE of computer equipment that will go to your office. This includes: monitor, processor, modem, each CD-ROM, hard drive, mouse, printers, etc.
  • Individuals will be responsible for their own laptop.