Moving is a time to get rid of items. At Heritage Moving & Storage, Inc., we have never had a moving customer who did not “purge” to some extent when preparing for the move.

In previous posts we discussed how to give away, donate, and sell items that you no longer need or want, but that are in good condition. But what should you do with items that are in poor condition and belong in the trash? Here are a few options:

1. Take your large items to the good old junk yard. Call your local community offices to determine where your junk yard is located and what restrictions and/or costs are involved with taking items there. Of course, if you have large items, you need to be sure that you have access to a vehicle capable of transporting the items.

2. Call someone to haul away your junk. There are companies that are in the business of hauling and junk. Hauling is different from moving. Hauling companies take garbage out of a garage or a basement and haul it away. It usually ends up in the dump. These companies can range from a franchise such as 1.800.junk that comes out with a big dump truck and a crew to smaller hauling companies are usually just a couple of guys with a pickup.

3. Use your community’s “bulk trash pick-up” day. Many communities and garbage companies have certain days of the year when they will accept over-sized trash items. Some waste companies will pick up large items any day for an extra charge. Check with your community or service provider.

The most important thing when considering all the ways to get rid of items when preparing for a move is to remember that it’s time consuming! Give yourself plenty of time to go through your belongings and make decisions about what to move and what to do with the rest. The more you plan and prepare, the better your move be.

At Heritage Moving & Storage, Inc., we are pleased to give our customers as much information and advice as possible as they prepare for their moves to reduce stress and make their move a positive experience. We are proud to serve Roanoke, Vinton, Salem, Botetourt County, Blacksburg, and Smith Mountain Lake, and we would love to be your moving company!