October 3, 2017

Mike/Leslie –

Please forgive my delay in sending this note. Needless to say, I have been
quite busy over these past several weeks! The good news is that every day I
make progress in unpacking boxes…….

I just had to commend you and your team for the excellent job in my move to
Mississippi. I appreciated the professionalism and caring both of you showed me
in visits, phone calls and emails. No question was “stupid” and you never made
my feel that I was a “bother”……

And there are not enough exclamation points to brag on the moving team! Sean,
Tony, Will and Tank came to my door on February 1st…..introduced themselves,
gave me a firm handshake and walked throughout the house with me. It was
amazing to watch them work………no idle hands with this crew! They were
personable, professional and caring. I never would have believed it, but they
had me loaded in only 4 hours. I had several friends visiting that day
(including the new owner of my house)…..and each of them said the same thing
about these guys……..they were wonderful!

And I wish there were something more than exclamation points I could use to talk
about Will and Tank!!!! Oh, my……..they were more than amazing!!! They kept
in touch with me throughout the trip….and when I rounded the corner to my new
house (after the closing) they were there waiting……and ready to work. Those
guys are machines……they had me unpacked and set up in a little over 4 hours.
I couldn’t believe it. That was their goal…..and they more than accomplished
it! Again, they were professional, caring and had the most wonderful positive
attitudes. It didn’t really matter if I had them move the furniture to another
place, they were more than willing to do whatever I needed them to do. I
appreciated their strong work ethic, but even more importantly, I aprpeciated
their wonderful personalities and positive attitudes. I don’t know if you have
any sort of recognition program (hopefully you do!), but I would love for you
to recognize Will and Tank for the fantastic job they did. At this house I also
had friends who came to visit when they were unloading. They too were amazed
at how wonderful they were. I know I thanked them…..but please thank them
again for me. Overall, the whole experience was wonderful!

Again it was a pleasure to work with you.. I prayed to find the right moving
company……and God certainly answered my prayer
by providing me with a Christian based company. I know that is the reason
everything worked so well…….He is good!!

Please feel free to use any part of this letter on your website. I would not
hesitate to recommend you and your company to anyone who is planning a move.
Heritage Moving Company is top-notch!