A Delight
October 3, 2017

Well, this is a good news/bad news review. They had trouble at another job – a guy called out sick and the truck was nowhere near the location, so that had a long carry for every item. As a result, two guys (not 3) showed up at 5:15 (not 2:00). I have to admit they worked diligently and took GREAT care with our belongings. They got the first load done in record time and followed me to Blue Ridge and got EVERYTHING into the storage units. I didn’t think it could be done. They followed be back to my townhouse and moved like a whirlwind to get everything loaded, padded and secured in the truck. They were careful, courteous, friendly and enormously helpful. They took apart the bed from and the mirror/dresser and moved everything with the drawers in it (albeit, empty drawers!). I was impressed…

Several months ago, we asked Heritage to come and move an heirloom spinet piano from the townhouse to the climate-controlled storage at Blue Ridge. That experience caused me to contact Heritage again for this move and if we come back to the area, we will use Heritage again. This is one extremely satisfied customer – more than that, a DELIGHTED customer. The late arrival meant I was still cleaning to leave and loading last-minute items until 1 a.m. but stuff happens and I understand the late start.