Once my belongings are packed and loaded, how long do I have to wait for them to be delivered to my new location?

Many moving companies have windows of estimated delivery times that span several days. This is because companies often put two or more households on one truck, so there’s no telling exactly when the truck will be ready to deliver your belongings.

When you use Heritage Moving & Storage, Inc., you will always have exclusive use of the truck. We never put more than one household on a truck, so we don’t have to guess when we will be ready to deliver. Our delivery is fast, and our timing is guaranteed.

If I’m not going immediately to my new location, do you offer storage?

We offer storage! We will take your belongings and unload them into our secure storage facility. When you’re ready for your new location, we’ll load your belongings back into the truck and meet you for unloading.

We offer climate-controlled storage, and we can help you determine if you need it. Climate-controlled storage means that the temperature and humidity are controlled in the unit. Climate-controlled storage is more important in coastal areas with higher humidity. There are only a few reasons in our region why someone would need climate-controlled storage. Food or drug reps usually need climate-controlled storage. If you have high-end electronics and/or works of art, we recommend climate-controlled storage.

People often think they need climate-controlled storage for antiques, but that is not usually the case. Solid wood is okay in standard storage units.

We are pleased to provide this information to help the residents of Roanoke, Vinton, Blacksburg, Botetourt County, Smith Mountain Lake, and Salem determine the moving company that is right for them. We hope you’ll consider Heritage Moving & Storage, Inc., for your next move.