Moving is the time for purging. In all the moves we’ve done at Heritage Moving & Storage, Inc., we can’t ever remember a move where there weren’t items to get rid of. Everybody has something to get rid of. Everybody.

As Americans, over the course of years, we have a habit of collecting and accumulating, and we don’t really think much about it. Then when it comes time to move, we have too much.

Here are the most common reasons we purge when we move:

1. Age—As we get older, we need fewer things. We start to downsize into smaller residences or retirement homes.

2. Moving Costs—Sometimes people just don’t have the money to move everything they have. The more items you’re moving, the more costly your move will be. Most of the time it’s cheaper to move your large items than to replace them at your new location. But in some cases, like long-distance or international moves, people would rather not spend the money to move stuff they don’t often use. (Of course, if your company is paying for your move, you won’t be quite as sensitive about what you’re moving, and you’ll be less likely to get rid of items.)

3. Misjudged Truck Size–If you’re moving yourself and rent a truck that is too small to fit all of your belongings, you’ll end up needing to get rid of items. Don’t let this happen to you. It’s not ideal to have to get rid of items in a last-minute, stressful situation.

Stay tuned to our blog for a great list of ways to get rid of items you don’t want or need. This list is very helpful to our customers looking to purge before their move.

Giving useful information to help lower moving stress is just one way that we’re serving our Roanoke, Vinton, Salem, Smith Mountain Lake, Blacksburg, and Botetourt County customers.