There are many things to do to prepare for a business move. At Heritage Moving & Storage, Inc., we are experienced in commercial-move planning. We can work with you to develop a detailed plan to make your move run smoothly and to reduce the “down time” your business will experience in the midst of your move.

Once a plan is in place, a successful move continues with preparation. Preparation can be the difference between a low-stress moving experience and a high-stress moving experience. We have many suggestions for how you can prepare for an office move. Here are some tips if you are packing yourself.


  • Be sure that you use sturdy boxes and that they are properly assembled.
  • Do not overfill your boxes. Allow room for proper closure.
  • Label each box so you’ll know immediately what’s inside.
  • Tag your boxes and computer equipment. Proper tagging ensures that your belongings will not be lost.
  • You may wish to pack an “OPEN ME FIRST” box that holds your desktop items and supplies.


  • Seal small items such as paperclips, pencils, and other loose materials into envelopes before packing them in cartons.
  • Pack the contents of your desk, including all working papers, letter trays, books, and other desktop items.

Filling Cabinets

  • Vertical file cabinets can stay full.
  • Lateral file cabinets need to be emptied.
  • Pack and label the contents of each drawer.
  • Tag your cabinets on the ends. The movers stack them on dollies and cannot see the tags if they’re on the top.

Supply or Storage Cabinets

  • Pack all contents in cartons.
  • Cabinet doors should be locked, taped, or tied.


  • Remove all contents, and pack in cartons.
  • Remove all shelves, and stack them near the bookcase. Label each shelf and bookcase.
  • Remove the shelf brackets, place them in an envelope, and tape it to the back of the bookcase.

Watch our blog for even more office self-packing tips. And if you are in the Roanoke, Vinton, Salem, Blacksburg, Smith Mountain Lake, or Botetourt County market for a business moving company, give us a call today to begin designing a moving plan that is perfect for your company.