As we mentioned before, you never know when bad weather will hit. Weather forecasts are often wrong, and when you schedule your move several weeks out,  you do not know what the weather conditions will be. Of course weather does not interrupt our packing services, but it can affect our moves.

In the winter months, we run the risk of snow, ice, and sleet. Ice is the most dangerous to work with. We cancel more moves due to ice than due to snow or any other weather condition. The safety of our movers and the safety of our customers’ belongings are paramount.

We realize that moves are sometimes on a tight schedule and that people may be moving into the house as soon as you move out. For this reason, we make every effort to complete the move despite weather conditions. In our experience, if we can’t get you moved out of the house, it is very unlikely that those wanting to move in will be able to get into the house.

We have done many moves in snow. Factors that determine our ability to move in snow include the amount of snowfall, the proximity of the house to the street, and the amount of traction provided by the type of snow.

In ice or snow, it is up to the customer to clear and salt the driveway for the truck. If the customer’s driveway slopes down, this is even more important. It is also the customer’s responsibility to secure the path the movers will walk between the house and the truck. Here’s a tip for clearing ice: Pour hot water over the ice, then immediately sand or salt. This melts the ice quickly and prevents it re-forming, making a safe path.

Besides clearing the path for our truck and crew, we also ask for our customers’ patience in inclement weather. The move may take longer than anticipated.

In Southwest Virginia we do on occasion experience bad weather. We are thankful for the patience and understanding of our customers in Roanoke, Botetourt County, Salem, Vinton, Blacksburg, and Smith Mountain Lake. Heritage Moving & Storage, Inc., is a moving company that will continue to make every effort to serve in spite of the weather.