In our previous two posts, we listed ways that you as a customer can reduce the stress of moving. But at Heritage Moving & Storage, Inc., we don’t just leave stress reduction up to you. We have built stress relief right into our moving services! Here are some ways we accomplish this:

1. When you request a quote from Heritage Moving & Storage, Inc., we will provide guaranteed pricing. We do not offer “estimates” like other moving companies. This way, you don’t have the stress of wondering what the total cost will be on moving day.

2. At Heritage Moving & Storage, Inc., the driver and crew members are our employees, and there are no negotiations. With some moving companies, the truck driver and the subcontracted crew members meet for the first time at your home or office, and they negotiate pay on the spot. This can cause stress and conflict between the driver and the crew members, which can create a stressful situation for the customer.

3. At Heritage Moving & Storage, Inc., you have sole use of your moving truck. This allows us to guarantee your delivery date. Many companies pack several moves on a single truck and estimate a “window” of delivery dates for each move. This uncertainty can cause stress for the customer.

4. At Heritage Moving & Storage, Inc., the same movers will be with you throughout the duration of your move. This consistency can reduce your stress. Many moving companies have one crew at your packing/loading location and another crew at your unloading location.

These stress reducers strongly put the odds of a successful move in your favor. It’s what helps us at Heritage Moving & Storage, Inc., achieve our 95% success rate, compared with the national average of about 60%. We are thrilled to help our customers in the greater Roanoke, Virginia area have as little stress as possible during their moves.