We’re continuing our series on handling damage during a move. In this post, we’ll talk about insurance coverage offered by moving companies. You should be sure to find out about coverage when shopping for a moving company in case you experience damage during your move. Here are some things to consider:

1. With most moving companies, you must pay extra for insurance coverage.

2. There are deductibles with many moving-company insurance policies. You could have a deductible all the way up to a $1000. The higher deductible, the less the policy costs you.

3. At Heritage Moving & Storage, Inc., we do not charge extra for insurance coverage. With every move, we give our customers $50,000 of coverage with no deductible. This policy is sufficient for 98% of households. If $50,000 is not enough for your household, we have options up to $1M for an additional cost. (The insurance coverage we provide is for the depreciated value at the time of the damage.)

4. Besides researching insurance policies offered by moving companies, you may also want to check into your homeowner’s policy. Some homeowner’s policies will cover your belongings during a move. You can find out if you’re covered by making a simple call to your insurance agent.

At Heritage Moving & Storage, Inc., we want you to be protected. We are pleased to provide insurance coverage to our customers at no extra charge. If you’re moving into or out of Roanoke, Salem, Vinton, Smith Mountain Lake, Blacksburg, or anywhere in Southwest Virginia, we invite you to consider Heritage Moving & Storage, Inc.