We are wrapping up this blog series about how to choose your moving company. Here are our last three more important questions to ask when shopping for movers.

What is your pricing policy?

Many moving companies will only provide customers with an estimate of what the move will cost. We do not give estimates. We provide guaranteed pricing. Once we do a walk through and learn about your needs, we provide an exact cost of the move, and we guarantee that the price won’t change.

How far in advance should I schedule my move?

In the summer months or if you’re moving around holidays, you generally should start setting up your move three or four weeks in advance. During other times of the year, you should start two or three weeks in advance. We usually have the availability to do short-notice moves. (In order for us to provide a guaranteed price, we want to be within about three or four weeks of the move.)

Do you provide insurance?

We provide actual cash value insurance up to $50,000 for every move at no charge to our customer. Keep in mind that this is not replacement value. But the actual cash value insurance we provide is much better than the 60-cents-per-pound coverage that other companies provide. Visit our insurance page to learn more.

At Heritage Moving & Storage, Inc., we are proud to serve Roanoke, Blacksburg, Salem, and all of the greater Roanoke, Virginia area. Give us a call, and let our family move your family!