Here are some office-moving tips gleaned from over 30 years of business moves by Heritage Moving & Storage, Inc.

If you’re doing a self-pack or a partial-pack option for your office move, the best way to tackle the packing project is for each person in your office to pack and unpack his or her own area. (Of course we also offer full-service packing for your convenience.)

Desks, credenzas, and bookcases all need to be emptied. When desks aren’t emptied, problems can arise:

1. The desk may not be able to handle the weight of paperwork and other items during a move, resulting in damage.

2. During a move, a full desk can leave a trail of paper clips, pens, notes, etc., making a mess, adding time to the move, and increasing the chance of damage or injury.

Vertical files can stay full. Two-drawer horizontal/lateral files can also stay full. Lateral files that have more than two drawers must have all drawers emptied EXCEPT the bottom two drawers, leaving the weight at the bottom of the piece.

Sometimes a business’s IT department will take responsibility for the moving of all computers and IT equipment. If we are moving this equipment, we use computer carts for the safe and efficient moving of these items.

If your move will include the use of elevators and/or loading docks in your current or new building, be sure to contact the building manager to discuss any restrictions or scheduling. It is up to the customer to make these arrangements and to notify the moving company of any important information.

We have been moving businesses for over 30 years. You won’t find a moving company in Roanoke or all of Southwest Virginia that will handle your office move with the excellence and quality of a move with Heritage Moving & Storage, Inc.