In our past four blog posts, we’ve been discussing damage during a move and how to handle it.

Unfortunately damage does happen on some moves. Here are some principles to remember when you’re considering a professional moving company and wanting to avoid damage as much as possible:

1. Your move is only going to be as good as your movers. There are specific techniques in handling furniture, and an experienced crew is going to take much better care of your belongings because they have developed technique. With an experienced crew, you will also have much less damage of the structures in your house such as door jambs, walls, and corners. Your chances of damage go up drastically when you move yourself or hire a company with little experience. At¬†Heritage Moving & Storage, Inc., we only hire crew members with extensive experience. We won’t hire anyone without a minimum of five years in the business. Most of our crew members have had 15-30 years in the business. You can be sure that our crew members have the best technique.

2. If and when damage does occur during a move, it’s important that someone takes responsibility and fixes or replaces the item. When you move yourself, you’ll keep your costs down, but if there’s damage, you have nobody to turn to. With a professional moving company, you have someone to turn to if damage occurs. And if you hire Heritage Moving & Storage, Inc. for your move, we offer free insurance coverage for your belongings with no deductible. It doesn’t get any better than that!

3. Equipment is an important element when avoiding damage during a move. At Heritage Moving & Storage, Inc., we have the best, thickest moving pads. This cuts down the likelihood of scratches, dents, and other damage. We go one step further, and we protect your flooring, door jambs, and bannisters. We protect your belongings and your house as much as possible.

Of course we can never completely eliminate the risk of damage during a move, but we do a lot to minimize the risk as much as possible. If you’re moving into or out of Southwest Virginia, including Roanoke, Vinton, Salem, Smith Mountain Lake, Blacksburg, and Botetourt County, consider Heritage Moving & Storage, Inc.