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How to Choose Your Movers – Part 2

Here’s another important question to ask when you’re shopping for a moving company in Roanoke, Salem, Blacksburg, or anywhere in Virginia:

Is your personnel qualified and experienced?

Here are some quick facts about the personnel at Heritage Moving & Storage, Inc.

  • We don’t hire any crew members with less than five years of experience. Many of our guys have been moving-truck owners/operators in the past and have 20-30 years of experience. It’s important to us that our crew members know exactly how to best handle your most precious belongings. Some companies show unexperienced crew members a few training videos and call them “certified.” All training and experience standards are not the same!
  • We provide “crew continuity” for our customers. The same crew members who pack and/or load for your move will unload and/or unpack for your move. With many moving companies, the crew and the driver negotiate payment at the location of the move. This can create a huge problem if there is a disagreement. Sometimes crew members will walk off the job, start fights, or purposely do a poor job. We have zero of these variables because our crew members are hand-picked and employed only by us. There are no on-site negotiations. This is a huge advantage for our customers.
  • Our crew members wear Heritage Moving & Storage, Inc., uniforms, so they are easily recognizable as your movers.
  • Our crew members are drug tested and carry medical cards.

At Heritage Moving & Storage, Inc., we’re extremely proud of our high standards and our excellent personnel. We want only the best for our customers!

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